Financial Information

We submit your insurance purely as a courtesy to the insured party.  You are ultimately responsible for any balance on your account.  We do ask that the insured get involved by calling your insurance company when insurance is not responding to our requests.  Remember, the contract is between you and your insurance company in which you the insured may have better results resolving any problems or questions.

Patients who are in Dental HMO plans need pre-approval before procedures can be performed.  We will submit a pre-estimate to your insurance company as required by your insurance company.  Pre-estimates can take 4-6 weeks (possibly longer) before receiving an answer from your insurance company.  If the patient wishes to set up appointments prior to receipt of the pre-estimate form the insurance company, they will be asked to sign the bottom of this form in which they accept full responsibility for any dental treatment that is given to them.  Any non-covered procedures will be the full responsibility of the patient or responsible party.  This is necessary since insurance protocol has not been followed.  50% of the total fee must be paid on the day of surgery.

If you do not have insurance:
If you fee is less than $600, full payment is required on the day of surgery.  If your fee is more, $600 of the total fee will be required on the day of surgery, and the remaining balance must be paid off within three months of procedure.


We estimate percentages based on individual insurance companies; they are not exact quotes of what your insurance is going to pay.  If you would like an exact amount we will submit a pre-estimate to your insurance company which will take 4-6 weeks to receive an answer from your insurance company.